“Food of Love”, Chef Anne Kearney’s motto, says it all, keeping the chef and her staff ever mindful of their mission to create culinary excellence in every dish that is placed before a guest.



Chef Anne Kearney

Executive Chef & OWNER

is one of America’s most revered female chefs. She earned her toque at the Greater Cincinnati Culinary Arts Academy. After many years as an acclaimed restauranteur with numerous honors, Kearney rose to national recognition. In 2002, she was the winning recipient of James Beard Foundation, "Southeast Regional Best Chef”. Kearney's food is an American interpretation of Provençal bistro fare.

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spent his childhood in Texas, and his professional career split between Colorado and Seattle. His first job was a dishwasher at a tiny French restaurant when he was 15. They needed help on the line on a Friday night and after that dinner service, he knew it was what he wanted to do. He went to the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. He has been lucky enough to work with some very accomplished chefs as well in mostly French and Mediterranean inspired restaurants. In the kitchen, he enjoys a good twist on classic dishes, along with finding inspiration in the seasons and memories. Give him good olive oil to work with and he is a happy Chef. Outside of the kitchen he surrounds himself with family, friends, music, and anything involving water. “Making great food with great people is what makes this job amazing.”



Chef Brian cook

Sous Chef

discovered his passion for cooking in high school while taking the Culinary Arts program. He moved on to pursue his passion for cuisine at the Culinary Institute where he was fortunate enough to hear Paul Bocuse speak and he said, “If you think you’ve succeeded, you’ve already failed.” He got his first kitchen job at Saddlebrooke Resort in Wesley Chapel. Brian later moved on to work at Sidebern’s, the sister restaurant of nationally acclaimed Bern’s Steakhouse, where he learned a tremendous amount from the shear variety of exposure, discipline, and techniques.



Chef NicolaAs bryon

Sous Chef

discovered his love for cooking at a young age. He became interested in the way food could be manipulated on different levels. One of his favorite things about the industry is the relationship between a Chef and their guests. The guest’s reaction when they take their first bite of a dish which the chef created out of love, that for him is the most satisfying feeling. In 2016 he overcame a tragic car accident that left him thinking he may never be in the kitchen again. True to his motto “you have to keep growing & going”, Nic pushed through and found himself behind the line rolling pastries and having a great time doing it. This moment heavily impacted who he is as a Chef today. Outside of the Kitchen you can find him hanging with his family, working on cars, collecting new plants, and cycling. Oh, and seeking out a taco comparable to the one he ate at Taqueria Orinoco in Mexico City.